Oswego Dec 27th 2006

Another 3 days on the Oswego. We had pretty nice weather for this time of year as the coldest it got was maybe 30, but high water levels from the rain on Saturday (15K-16K) seemed to put the fish off just a bit was we managed only 5 hookups w/Catch-The-Drift (3 to the boat) and just 3 the next day. As you can tell, Jason was thrilled at his first Steelhead catch- a 9-pounder that he even managed to get in after breaking the rod! Go Jason!

pc270004.jpg pc270003.jpg pc270006.jpg
pc270008.jpg pc270016.jpg pc270035.jpg
pc270037.jpg pc270036.jpg pc270044.jpg
pc270022.jpg pc270025.jpg pc270026.jpg
pc270031.jpg pc270027.jpg pc270019.jpg
pc280047.jpg pc280048.jpg pc280053.jpg