Oswego River November 12, 2011

We'll I imagine that we've fished the Big "O" in tougher water conditions, but I cannot remember when. It was running under 3K and so clear that you could see 6' to 7' down. Crystal! And worse than that, the water level changed by the hour: 6K, 4K, 2.4K and back to 4K, ugh. At those water levels it was not even possible to fish the top half of the river - our favorite area.

Still we managed to boat 15 of the 29 that we hooked. And it was very even with each of us getting 5, but only 8 of them were picture worthy. Pammy gets the prize as she did not even join us until 9am and still got her 5! Like the last trip, we all had nice fish to the boat only to loose them via pull-outs or break-offs. They must have been camera shy.

The water was so low in the other streams that we like to fish that we did not even bother driving north to see them. Very disappointing. So we fished the Big "O" again on Sunday for 2 hours but none of us even got a take down. We saw no fish caught from shore and only one fisherman claimed to catch a fish that morning. Still the weather was balmy for November: Sunny and almost 60 by 10 o'clock. I guess you can't have it all.

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