Oswego Fishing, Nov. 9th and 10th 2012

I fished the Sandy's most of Friday alone, but had no luck. Water was very low, around 130 cfs and very clear. And starting at 7:20a did not help even though there were just 2 cars in the lot when I arrived. It was just 25 degrees when I started and even the big dumb St. Bernard did not come to greet me. I even tried the North sandy after lunch and found it was even lower. However I did watch a large steelie come screaming past me on his way back to the lake. They are amazingly fast fish.

Saturday with KD was different. Steve came over from Rochester to bring me luck. We started at 6:05a, both wondering why we were up so early just to chase a few stupid fish. But Steve locked up early and had a fish boated by 6:40a. After that we each got a couple a piece before we went for almost 2 hrs with no fish. With the water so low we had few options on where to fish, but KD finally decided to try to fish the faster water below the wall and we managed to find a few locations slow enough to fool a few more. Steve actually got 2 more to the boat than pictured (a nice fresh Steelhead and a big beautiful Rainbow in spawning colors) only to have me successfully knock them both off with the net. Sorry Steve. KD has sentenced me to remedial net training in the Spring:-(

All in all it was a good day. Cloudy, no wind and 50+ degrees before we left, and we had more than 20 hook ups. AndůSteve brought some excellent boat food to help pass the slow times. Thanks again!

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