Oswego Nov 1-3 2007

What an amazing 3 days. We fished Thursday AM/PM and Friday AM from shore, and with Kevin Davis Friday PM and Sat AM. All in all we probably had more than 100 hook ups and got almost 50 in over the three days. Mostly rainbows and steelhead with a couple of browns mixed it. It doesn't get any better than this! I took mostly videos this time, but here's a few stills.

imga0024.jpg imga0029.jpg imga0031.jpg
imga0033.jpg imga0038.jpg imga0040.jpg
imga0042.jpg imga0046.jpg imga0049.jpg
imga0053.jpg imga0054.jpg pb010014.jpg
pb010016.jpg pb010022.jpg pb010026.jpg
pb010030.jpg pb030034.jpg pb030036.jpg
pb030039.jpg pb030041.jpg pb030043.jpg
pb030046.jpg pb030049.jpg pb030055.jpg
imga0005.jpg imga0008.jpg imga0010.jpg
imga0018.jpg imga0019.jpg imga0021.jpg