Oswego Fishing, Oct 31 - Nov 4, 2009

Another November, and another fishing expedition to the Oswego area. We had 2 good days with Kevin Davis and Catch-The-Drift, as usual, boating about a dozen each day. But we had to work for them on day 2 as it rained most of the time AND... the wind was out of the wrong drirection for all but an hour. I'll say this, KD is one determined guide. We maded a trip west to check out the usual creeks only to find no water. Going north was better, but the North Sandy was stingey with its fish, so we moved to the South and found that it was more than willing to share. Lots of fish and more that a few fishermen, all gents. And, Bob landed a very nice 25" - 7+lb rainbow on our last day - a very sweet way to end the trip. We're looking forward to our late Decemeber visit...

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