Oswego 10/31-11/2 2008

We spent another 3 great days fishing the Oswego area with Kevin Davis and Catch-the-Drift. Balmy weather for early November...it hit 65+ on Fri and then settled down to the mid 40s and sunny on Sat/Sun. The Big "O" gave us its normal 20+ chances at big fish both days and we caught a few and missed a bunch more. PJ caught her first solo "Float-Fishing" rainbow(s) on the Sandy - a great pair of domestics caught at 750cfs... We went back Saturday morning only to find it at 1400cfs and muddy due the to SNOW melt, and never bothered to fish it.

Bob also picked up a nice pair of domestics on the Oswego Sunday morning just before we left - a nice ending. PJ and I went west to the Maxwell on Sunday only to find that they'd "enhanced" the bridge a bit... A nice little piece of over engineering... Glad this was NY State and not PA!

pa310284.jpg pa310288.jpg pa310289.jpg
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pa310297.jpg pa310300.jpg pa310303.jpg
pa310306.jpg pa310307.jpg pa310309.jpg
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