Oswego River October 28-31, 2011

We spent 4 days fishing the Oswego area including 2 with Kevin Davis and Catch The Drift. The weather was near perfect with mostly sunny days and temperatures ranging from 29 to almost 50. While we had a few slow hours in the boat, we still managed over 70 hookups and got almost 40 in the boat over both days. We had a lot of hooks that simpled pulled out after having had the fish on for more than a mintue or two, something that got pretty frustrating after a while. Probably a function of big water, good sized fish and maybe a late pick up. We'll never know.

Our 2 days stream fishing was tougher than usual as the water levels were about the lowest we've ever fished them and very clear. Still Bob managed to get fish both days and on the last day I had a steelhead on for about 2 minutes that jumped and surged about 8 times right in front of me before the eventual breakoff. The perils of fishing light tackle. Still it was the largest steelhead by far that I have hooked on a stream without a guide and the memory of that brief moment will remain with me forever!

DSC04235.jpg DSC04237.jpg DSC04239.jpg
DSC04241.jpg DSC04242.jpg DSC04245.jpg
DSC04246.jpg DSC04248.jpg
One of our 3 Doubles!
DSC04253.jpg DSC04254.jpg DSC04257.jpg
DSC04258.jpg DSC04259.jpg
13lb Brown Trout
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DSC04273.jpg DSC04275.jpg DSC04276.jpg
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DSC04298.jpg DSC04299.jpg DSC04301.jpg
DSC04304.jpg DSC04307.jpg DSC04309.jpg
DSC04311.jpg DSC04312.jpg DSC04315.jpg
26" Rainbow