Oswego Fishing October 26th - 28th 2012

Fished Friday, Saturday (PM only) and Sunday with KD and Catch-The-Drift. While low water conditions limited where we could fish on the Big "O", we still had 2 good sessions, Friday and Saturday PM, with more than 25 hookups each. Sadly we did not get half of them to the boat. But we did have the pleasure of hooking and fighting a lot of big fish! Sunday morning was another matter entirely. A nasty weather day and we only landed one of our 5 hookups. Ugh. But I'll take 2 good days of 3 anytime. The northern creeks were also very low, about 110cfm. We managed a few fish both days we were there, including some "past their prime King Salmon". But we only landed 2 rainbows over two days. As always, the big dog was more than happy to see us, especially since Bob brought him treats! Hopefully we'll get another chance to fish there with higher water before the season ends.

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