Oswego Fishing, October 25th-28th 2013

So we fished Friday and Sunday with KD, per usual and roamed the eastern tribs of the Lake on Saturday and Monday.
Lots of Steel head everywhere even in the little streams. And the fish were bigger than usual, especially on the 'South' running 4 to 8lbs instead of the usual 3 to 4lbs.
Most of the fish were Steelheads with some Rainbows and a few Brown Trout tossed in. Typically the Rainbows would rule...
I can't complain, as the Steelies are so much faster and powerful than all the other fish.
But the combined trips with KD and Catch the Drift were special...

This is our 12th year doing this and we have never had 2 great days back to back.
Friday we went a collective 22 for 54 and Sunday we went 24 for 46, hitting a 100 hookups over the 2 days...
Friday we had at least 8 doubles and Sunday we had another 4+. Nothing short of amazing!

Lots of whacky things happened on Sunday too... While attempting to take a pics of the first fish of the day, a small Brown, a nice Steelie came up and grabbed my bead as it float behind the boat.
I had to drop the first fish to get the second- truly wacky. I threw at least 3 fish at KD while trying to hold them for pics and he caught none of them.
I also dragged a 6-7lb Steelie 100+yds up the rapids with is mouth wide open, skimming the surface like he was skiing.. the Fish lived and I got it in....
Around 11:30am on Sunday, When we got to 95 hookups we made a pack to quit at 100, if we got there...
Once at 98, Bob hooked a 10lb+er and I then threw in behind him hoping just to get a hookup and break it off..
Instead I got my own 10lb+er ...

So there we were at the top of the rapids with no way really to get these fish IN and KD says, "Wanna Chase-em?" and we say yes!
So down the rapids we go, standing up thru all the 4' standing waves trying desperately to keep the 2 fish apart and on the line and not fall in or swamp the boat.
We finally netted one in the calm below and then after a while the other and took a couple of pics of 2 tired fish and 2 happy fishermen... What an ending...
All fish were returned to fight another day...

DSC05221.jpg DSC05222.jpg
DSC05223.jpg DSC05224.jpg
DSC05225.jpg DSC05227.jpg
DSC05228.jpg DSC05230.jpg
DSC05231.jpg DSC05233.jpg
DSC05234.jpg DSC05236.jpg
DSC05237.jpg DSC05239.jpg
DSC05240.jpg DSC05241.jpg
DSC05242.jpg DSC05244.jpg
DSC05245.jpg DSC05247.jpg
DSC05249.jpg DSC05251.jpg
A well deserved, 1st one of the day!
DSC05254.jpg DSC05255.jpg
DSC05256.jpg DSC05257.jpg
DSC05259.jpg DSC05261.jpg
Yes, even the little ones count.
DSC05267.jpg DSC05270.jpg
DSC05271.jpg DSC05272.jpg
DSC05273.jpg DSC05275.jpg
Never too Early for Halloween!
DSC05276.jpg DSC05277.jpg
DSC05279.jpg DSC05281.jpg
DSC05282.jpg DSC05283.jpg
DSC05284.jpg DSC05285.jpg
DSC05286.jpg DSC05288.jpg
DSC05289.jpg DSC05290.jpg
DSC05291.jpg DSC05292.jpg
DSC05294.jpg DSC05295.jpg
DSC05296.jpg DSC05297.jpg
DSC05299.jpg DSC05300.jpg
DSC05302.jpg DSC05303.jpg
DSC05304.jpg DSC05306.jpg
DSC05308.jpg DSC05309.jpg
DSC05310.jpg DSC05311.jpg
Cujo greets us on the 'South'! He made it another year, always sweet!
DSC05313.jpg DSC05314.jpg
DSC05315.jpg DSC05317.jpg
This is WHY we call them SHARKS!
DSC05319.jpg DSC05323.jpg
Sharking on the 'South'
Ugh. The Hotel turned the HEAT OFF! Not nice.