Oswego - October 9-12 2006

Another year and another salmon trip to the Oswego River! We spent 4 days in Oswego NY to fish for King Salmon. On Monday we fished the Salmon River in the afternoon for about an hour - it was the normal Zoo up at Altmar and we managed just one brief hookup.

On the 10th and 11th we fished on the Oswego River with Kevin Davis of Catch-The-Drift and over 2 sessions we caught a ton of Kings, numerous Rainbows, a couple of Browns and 2 Steelhead, not including the 3 beauties that I either broke off or was too dumb to keep on the line. Sigh!

Pammy even caught her very first salmon, without a guide from the shore of Leto's Island - on light tackle (8lb) too - pretty cool.

On Thursday, after a night of rain we drove to the Maxwell, only to be disappointed by its typical lack of water. There were a few salmon, but the water was the lowest I've ever seen it. All in all, a pretty nice trip!

pa100055.jpg pa100058.jpg pa100060.jpg
pa100063.jpg pa100066.jpg pa100070.jpg
Too big for PJ to hold!
pa100075.jpg pa100082.jpg pa100084.jpg
pa100086.jpg pa100088.jpg pa100089.jpg
pa100092.jpg pa100094.jpg pa100095_a.jpg
1st Salmon from shore! Go Girl!
pa110100.jpg pa110101.jpg pa110103.jpg
pa110104.jpg pa110106.jpg pa110107.jpg
Kevin Davis
pa110108.jpg pa110109.jpg pa110110.jpg
22 lber
'Chucky' making fillets
Rare Jimmy Durante fish!
pa120128.jpg pa120133.jpg
The Maxwell
pa120135.jpg pa120136.jpg pa120138.jpg

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