Oswego,NY Oct 5-9, 2008

We fished the "Sandys" for trout on Monday and Tuesday afternoon with a little luck. We did very well on Tuesday AM with Kevin Davis, catching almost 20 salmon and 3 Rainbows. Bob was on fire as he must have had more than 20 hookups and 15 fish in as I was busy doing most of the netting while KD took pics...Wild. Wednesday AM with KD was slow as we landed just 5, but after he'd hooked his last fish, Bob handed the rod off to a 12 yr old kid that was fishing with his dad, and his smile at the end was our reward, as he got the fish in! (See below) There were hundreds of guys hunting salmon on the South Sandy and more than a thousand, maybe two, on the Salman River - It looked like the valley of the living dead - ugly - so we by passed most of that. All in all the weather was too nice for really good fishing, but it made for 4 beautiful days.

pa060002.jpg pa060004.jpg pa060007.jpg
24" Rainbow
pa060008.jpg pa060009.jpg
1st Steelhead of '08/09
pa070011.jpg pa070014.jpg pa070017.jpg
pa070018.jpg pa070020.jpg pa070021.jpg
pa070022.jpg pa070025.jpg pa070028.jpg
pa070032.jpg pa070033.jpg pa070034.jpg
25 lber
pa070037.jpg pa070038.jpg
pa070043.jpg pa070044.jpg pa070047.jpg
pa070048.jpg pa070051.jpg pa070052.jpg
pa070053.jpg pa070057.jpg pa070058.jpg
Eleanor D. - ugly too!
pa080063.jpg pa080066.jpg
Our 6th double!
pa080067.jpg pa080068.jpg pa080071.jpg
And a bass!
pa080075.jpg pa080079.jpg pa080081.jpg
the kid
Crazy Shore Fishermen
Trophy Gobies!
pa080092.jpg pa080093.jpg pa080094.jpg
Salmon River, above Altmar
pa080095.jpg pa080097.jpg
small crowd at Altmar
pa080099.jpg pa090102.jpg
"Loch 7" on the Oswego