Oswego Fishing March 17-21 2011

We got to the South Sandy on Thursday just in time to fish a couple of hours. The river was very fishable and most of the big ICE was gone and we managed 3 domestic rainbows.
Friday we fished the BLACK River with KD and boated 13 drifting eggs and beads. Bob killed me getting 10 of those including a 30" brown that probably went 12+lbs.
On Saturday I fished the Irondequoit in Rochester - a beautiful creek that would be even more beautiful if it had a good run of fish. Sadly it gets few and I think they had mostly come and gone by the time I fished it as I managed only a small brown.
Sunday we went to Cayuga Lake to troll for Land Locked Salmon and Lake browns and the fish helped me even the score with Bob as I reeled in 8 of our 11, with 7 legal enough to put in the freezer.
The forecast for Monday was dismal - 35 degrees and rain, with 25-35 mph winds, so we packed up and exited the hotel, but we had to drive north to take one more look at the South Sandy before driving South. When we got there the rain was almost done and the winds were tolerable so we suited up for a 2 hour stint on the river and were rewarded with 3 more nice fish. It wasn’t the greatest fishing, but it was a very nice way to end our 5 days...

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