Oswego Fishing - 3/15-17/2013

We fished with KD Friday and Sunday and as you can tell by the photos, Friday was a banner day. I believe we boated 22 of 44 hook-ups. No real big fish but lots of action. Saturday on the creeks was slow as it was cold, just 19 in the am. You can see the ice on the lines below. Sunday was more normal fishing action and we ended our 3 days going about 32 for 64 with our individual counts being almost even - which is always more fun. All things considered though, warmer would be better! Local Spong fising awaits us and then there is the FALL to look forward to!

DSC05131.jpg DSC05132.jpg DSC05134.jpg
DSC05136.jpg DSC05137.jpg DSC05139.jpg
DSC05140.jpg DSC05141.jpg DSC05142.jpg
DSC05144.jpg DSC05145.jpg DSC05147.jpg
DSC05150.jpg DSC05152.jpg DSC05153.jpg
DSC05154.jpg DSC05155.jpg DSC05156.jpg
DSC05157.jpg DSC05159.jpg DSC05163.jpg
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