Oswego River, March 15 - 18, 2012

Typically March in Oswego is temps in the 30s to 40s with lots of snow still to melt and tons of ice along the streams. This was our first year ever to see no snow and less ice along the rivers. If anything, the weather was too good for most of this trip with Sunday topping out at a sunny 75 on the Salmon river.

Thursday AM we started by fishing the Sandy's. Muddy and high they gave us no chances for fish so we moved to the Salmon River in the afternoon. It was crystal clear and running at 1420, but we managed only Bob's one take-down and no fish. A tough start.

Friday we fished the Big "O" with KD and went 6 for 13, with 2 of them being rainbows under 10". It was a long tough rainy day. Saturday we returned to the Salmon on our own and managed a respectable 7 for 8, with Bob going 4 for 5. A nice day with some great fish but sadly we have no photo of his best fish as it jumped back into the water before I could take the picture. Sunday, with the Big "O" running under 5k, KD took us down the Salmon where we went just 5 for 6... All sizeable spawned out Steelhead but not many chances at fish for 6 hrs on the water. Then again, no one was doing any better that day either.

All in all it was an unusual March fishing trip: low water on the Big "O", not a lot of fishermen on the Salmon River, and we could not get a cold Martini to save our lives... But's that's another story. Maybe next time will be better. Still we weren't working:-)

Salmon River Fishing
DSC04891.jpg DSC04894.jpg
Friday on the Big "O"
DSC04898.jpg DSC04901.jpg DSC04903.jpg
KD's Brown on a Minnow!
Saturday on the Salmon River
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DSC04916.jpg DSC04917.jpg
Altmar Combat Fishing
Sat. Afternoon on the Salmon
DSC04926.jpg DSC04930.jpg
Sunday on the Salmon
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