Oswego, March 13-15 2008

Winter fishing doesn't EVER get much better than this! We fished with Kevin Davis of Catch-The-Drift on both the 13th and 14th. Thursday we spent the whole day on the Oswego enjoying some of the best winter Steelhead fishing that I have ever experienced. We each had more than 20 hookups and we boated more than 6 over 10 lbs, the biggest was 14lb. And the rest were as feisty as they get!

p3130018.jpg p3130019.jpg p3130020.jpg
p3130021.jpg p3130022.jpg p3130023.jpg
p3130024.jpg p3130027.jpg p3130028.jpg
p3130029.jpg p3130031.jpg p3130033.jpg
p3130036.jpg p3130038.jpg p3130040.jpg
p3130042.jpg p3130043.jpg p3130045.jpg
p3130047.jpg p3130049.jpg p3130050.jpg
p3130051.jpg p3130052.jpg p3130054.jpg
p3130055.jpg p3130056.jpg p3130058.jpg
p3130059.jpg p3130061.jpg p3130062.jpg

Friday Morning
Friday was a bit different as we spent the morning on Cayuga Lake trolling for Browns and Atlantic Salmon. What a kick! Although we stopped counting, we had between 60-80 hookups, with numerous doubles and triples! We even caught 2 of the largest Atlantics (about 4 lbs) on my 3wt fly rod using a Pearl Zonker streamer - pretty funny to see a fly rod in the rod holder, with 90 feet of fly line stretched out in front of the boat. Every time the fly rod got a hit it would be 20 yards into the backing before we could get it out of the rod holder to set the hook! Fighting a 4lb Atlantic on a 3 wt fly rod was pure fun!

p3140063.jpg p3140064.jpg p3140067.jpg
p3140068.jpg p3140070.jpg p3140071.jpg
p3140072.jpg p3140073.jpg p3140074.jpg
p3140075.jpg p3140076.jpg p3140077.jpg
p3140077orig.jpg p3140078.jpg p3140079.jpg

Friday Afternoon
Then it was back to the big "O" to test out my new center pin setup, a 13' Loomis GLX Light Rod with a Arnold Kingpin reel courtesy of Kevin's buddy Andy. What a great combo, and the fish liked it too!

p3140080.jpg p3140082.jpg p3140085.jpg
p3140086.jpg p3140087.jpg p3150088.jpg

Finally, we spent 2 hours Saturday morning fishing the Sandy. We had it all to ourselves and the fish rewarded us with 5 nice hookups! My first steelhead broke off just above the swivel about 90 seconds into the fight, I lost the second after 20 seconds and landed a domestic Rainbow about 2 too short just before we left. Bob landed his first one and had the second one pull out. Still a very nice morning! What a trip!

p3150089.jpg p3150090.jpg p3150091.jpg
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