Oswego 3-12-07

This was an unusual trip. All the small streams that we usually fish were still encased in ice. In the end the Oswego gave up an assortment of rainbows, browns and steelheads. We caught 17, most of them small. But Bob managed a 10 lb Brown that he almost got to the boat before it gave him the “middle-fin” and I got the last fish of the day, an 11 lb Steelhead – all from the boat, courtesy of Kevin Davis.

We saw tons of deer on the way up, mostly in small groups of 10-20 and lots on the way to Pulaski during our usual "cheese" run, including those shown below. But the shore fishing was very tough. We caught zero from shore and saw no other fish caught. The day we left, the ice left the harbor as it had turned warm, and that afternoon the shore boys grabbed a few where you see us fishing here.

As you can see from the pictures, they still had over 2’ of hard pack snow everywhere, especially on the road between Oswego and Pulaski. What a winter for them!

Lots of next year's Rainbows!
Lots of ice in the habor still...
11 lb Steelie...
p3110009.jpg p3110012.jpg p3110010.jpg
p3110014.jpg We saw over 200 deer
p3110026.jpg p3110023.jpg p3110033.jpg
p3110043.jpg Launching the Boat
p3120073.jpg p3120075.jpg Kevin Davis