The latest on Milo - 12/23/12

To All - thanks for all your kind thoughts about our pal Milo. He has come a long way in just under 3 weeks.
After having to keep this very active outdoor cat indoors for 2 weeks he finally got his stitches out last Tuesday morning. He was declared fit as a fiddle by the doc, and except for the fact that he was only wearing half a coat (his entire belly was shaved for the procedure), he was ready for the outdoor world. Suffice it to say that we weren't. (sigh)
Thankfully we've managed to keep him in nites, but since his first day of freedom, he's been going out for hour and a half walk-abouts daily. God only knows where.
We need cat-cam!
Cocktail hour, after Shrimps
I want OUT!!!
(This was before he was cleared...)
Hell, I suppose the fireplace will do.
Finally freed...
can you let me in?
Today 12/23 - Sunny is better,
and my "Realm" is still intact!

How it all started

On Wed 12/5 Milo had surgery to remove a large mass that had grown from his liver.

Our vet, Jane Latta, diagnosed the problem the nite before, and Wednesday he got an ultra-sound verifying the mass.
He was home on Thursday 12/6, complete with 10" of new stitches, a pain patch and of course, the CONE of shame(so he does no tear out the stitches…)

Lucky for us and him, he is recovering quickly and
A) has been doing stairs since day one,
B) has already jumped on the dining room table,
C) wants out in the worst way,
D) hates the CONE,
E) hates the cage even though it is big enough for me to sleep in and
F) will not use a litter box unless it is in the basement. (sigh)

All of this creates a comical situation for us and no, we are not getting very much sleep.
But the great news is that the tumor was benign and they got all of it.

So we are left with a very energetic 14.5 yr old cat with a great appetite that still wants to go outdoors at all hours of the nite, but can’t until he heals.
TEN more days until his stitches come out.
Pray for us.

Mon, Dec 3rd - 2 days before Surgery
Sat, Dec 8th - 3 days after Surgery
Sun, Dec 9th - 4 days after