Milo is the neighborhood cat and while he's been coming thru the yard for years, he never got to close until after Harry passed. Sometime during the first 2 Blizzards of February 2010 he sort of adopted us. Probably because we're the only people crazy enough to accomodate his whacky schedule...Out all night, in a 6am... Demands to go out at 3am...4am, whatever...back at 6am...or maybe 10:30a, sleep til 2:30p, out til 6,7 or 8p, repeat... I'm sure it all depends on who has what to eat.

He's a sweet, energy filled beast and we let him come an go as he pleases. We thought that once spring came, we would only see him occassionally, but he's maintanined his whacky schedule, although he does love being outside in the 'heat'. It will be interesting to see what he does come Fall. I still think, that given that Milo is 12, he thinks that we're the Assisted Living House for Cats in WC. Then again, maybe he just likes all the rabbits!

Whatever the case, he's brought a little joy to several of the local homes and especially 308!
By the way, its 4:55am and he just went out...typical... Maybe he's not the only one that's whacky...

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