Feb 16th - Longwood

The snow filled parking lot at Longwood stands in stark contrast to the scenes inside the atriums. I'm usually not a big fan of the Orchid Display but this one is one of the best ever.
The 4 shots at the bottom are at the nearby Stroud Preserve, and of course I had the wrong lens to try an capture the blue birds there properly, but these 2 stood still long enough for me to capture a glimpse.

IMG_2354.jpg IMG_2355.jpg
IMG_2357.jpg IMG_2358.jpg
IMG_2359.jpg IMG_2360.jpg
IMG_2361.jpg IMG_2362.jpg
IMG_2363.jpg IMG_2364.jpg
IMG_2366.jpg IMG_2367.jpg
IMG_2368.jpg IMG_2369.jpg
IMG_2370.jpg IMG_2371.jpg
IMG_2372.jpg IMG_2373.jpg
IMG_2374.jpg IMG_2375.jpg
IMG_2376.jpg IMG_2377.jpg
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