Longwood, Jan 1st 2010

We lucked out and choose New years Day night to see Longwood. This was just before the cold and wind returned to the region.
Because of the crowds, they didn't allow tripods, but with the aid of a few trash cans and a couple sign posts
I was able to get these shots.

As always, the outside lights were superb!

p1010189.jpg p1010190.jpg p1010191.jpg
p1010193.jpg p1010195.jpg p1010192.jpg
p1010238.jpg p1010197.jpg p1010239.jpg
p1010200.jpg p1010205.jpg p1010198.jpg
Below is th Butterfly Tree in the
Main Atrium. The Butterfly's wings actually
p1010210.jpg p1010212.jpg p1010213.jpg
p1010214.jpg p1010215.jpg p1010208.jpg
These shots do not do this Christmas Tree
in the main atrium, justist! There was nothing
to steady the camera on.
p1010228.jpg p1010224.jpg p1010226.jpg
p1010230.jpg p1010232.jpg p1010231.jpg
p1010237.jpg p1010235.jpg p1010236.jpg
p1010242.jpg p1010243.jpg p1010244.jpg
p1010246.jpg p1010241.jpg p1010240.jpg
p1010194.jpg p1010249.jpg