Catskill Projects as of May 2012

#1 Cleanout the Attic, Basement, Rear Shed into Dumpster
#2 Patch the Front Porch Piller base
#3 Caulk the driveway edge where it meets the wall and Patch the basement stairway wall
IMG_5810.jpg IMG_5811.jpg IMG_5813.jpg
#4 Paint the Porch Ceiling
IMG_5833.jpg IMG_5834.jpg
#5 Repair the Purgula East End - Doug
IMG_5805.jpg IMG_5806.jpg IMG_5807.jpg IMG_5809.jpg
#6 Replace Basement Window Panes
IMG_5823.jpg IMG_5824.jpg IMG_5825.jpg IMG_5826.jpg
#7 Concrete Patches
IMG_5840.jpg IMG_5836.jpg IMG_5837.jpg IMG_5838.jpg
#8 Repair the Rear Shed Wall - After we cleanout the shed, i think this is simply a matter of digging out the shed floor and re-adjustiong the cider blocks.
IMG_5818.jpg IMG_5819.jpg
#9 Repair the Far Side Shed Wall (after the clean out) - Doug
IMG_5827.jpg IMG_5828.jpg IMG_5829.jpg
#10 Repair the Summer House Support - Doug?
IMG_5814.jpg IMG_5815.jpg
#11 Repair the Bridge - I think that this is mostly a matter of jacking up the far side of the bridge and re-adjusting the stones that support it.
IMG_5816.jpg IMG_5817.jpg
#12 Patch the Green Room Floor
IMG_5820.jpg IMG_5821.jpg IMG_5822.jpg
#13 Eventually remove the old wall