On The Road

And finally a few miscellaneous travel pics. The lodge is in Talkeenta and offers the best views of McKinley from its back porch. The Bear pics are inside the Anchorage airport on our way home. The Morning Glories are from our PA garden and they were what greeted us as we got out of the car at the end of the trip. The snow capped mountains are from our drive north from Cooper Landing to Anchorage. The folks in Cooper landing said it even snowed in July this year - something it supposedly never does.

p9040274.jpg p9040275.jpg p9060376.jpg
p9060380.jpg p9070381.jpg p9060379.jpg

p9010162.jpg p9010173.jpg p9010181.jpg
p9010184.jpg p9010185.jpg p9010186.jpg
p9010187.jpg p9010190.jpg p9010191.jpg
p9010192.jpg p9010194.jpg p9010197.jpg
p9010198.jpg p9010200.jpg p9020201.jpg