Giant Ledge and other Catskill Hikes

In May and June 2014 I had the good fortune to hike several of my favorite Catskill trails. Slide Mtn is a 4 hr round trip hike from the parking lot up Oliveria. While much easier than the 12hr version from the Woodland side, the 4 hr version will truely get your heart pumping. I had not been there since Bijan and I did it the hard way over 20 years ago.

Giant Ledge provides the best unobstructed views of any hike in the area, and while it will also get you to break a sweat it's just 2 hrs round trip.

The mountain behind the Allaben house is by far the shortest hike and there is no real trail. Its more bushwacking. Once you get to the first 'top' level it continues to go up in long steps toward North Dome. This year I managed to go back 15 levels before tiring of walking thru all the brambles. What you see below is just the first 2 levels...

Giant Ledge 6/24/14
IMG_3888.jpg IMG_3881.jpg
Giant Ledge 5/21/14
IMG_3682.jpg IMG_3674.jpg
IMG_3341.jpg IMG_3347.jpg
IMG_3324.jpg IMG_3336.jpg
IMG_3317.jpg IMG_3320.jpg
IMG_3312.jpg IMG_3311.jpg
IMG_3307.jpg IMG_3305.jpg
IMG_3304.jpg IMG_3228.jpg
Slide Mtn 5/2/14
IMG_3211.jpg IMG_3196.jpg
IMG_3193.jpg IMG_3180.jpg
Typical trail to Slide mtn
Peck Hollow 5/3/14
Mtn behind the Allaben House 5/4/14
IMG_3069.jpg IMG_3067.jpg
IMG_3062.jpg IMG_3060.jpg
IMG_3059.jpg IMG_3058.jpg
IMG_3049.jpg IMG_3046.jpg