Feb 3rd Snow

A few scenes from this latest round of very wet HEAVY snow. Thank God for the Snow Blower. Oh to be 30 again! Plus the last of the amaryllis and one of the local Cardinals pays a visit…

IMG_2108.jpg IMG_2110.jpg
IMG_2113.jpg IMG_2115.jpg
IMG_2119.jpg IMG_2121.jpg
IMG_2122.jpg IMG_2123.jpg
IMG_2125.jpg IMG_2126.jpg
IMG_2127.jpg IMG_2128.jpg
IMG_2131.jpg IMG_2135.jpg
IMG_2139.jpg IMG_2140.jpg
IMG_2094.jpg IMG_2095.jpg
IMG_2097.jpg IMG_2098.jpg
IMG_2099.jpg IMG_2101.jpg
IMG_2103.jpg IMG_2105.jpg
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