Feb 13th Snow

Another grab bag of snaps from our lastest 18"+ of snow.
Its almost 4 years to the day since Milo joined us during the blizzards of 2010 and at almost 16, he still doesn't mind it so much provided he has his golden retriever.
I love the early morning light on the snow and that Ceasar looks more Mogolian than Roman!
Of course the auto start on the SB went on the fritz just before this storm. Not sure I wanna do that manual pull thing again. May this be the last big one for 2014!

IMG_2249.jpg IMG_2257.jpg
IMG_2259.jpg IMG_2260.jpg
IMG_2262.jpg IMG_2263.jpg
IMG_2264.jpg IMG_2265.jpg
IMG_2268.jpg IMG_2269.jpg
IMG_2270.jpg IMG_2271.jpg
IMG_2272.jpg IMG_2273.jpg
IMG_2274.jpg IMG_2275.jpg
IMG_2276.jpg IMG_2277.jpg
IMG_2278.jpg IMG_2280.jpg
IMG_2279.jpg IMG_2281.jpg
IMG_2283.jpg IMG_2284.jpg
IMG_2285.jpg IMG_2286.jpg
IMG_2287.jpg IMG_2288.jpg
IMG_2289.jpg IMG_2290.jpg
IMG_2291.jpg IMG_2293.jpg
IMG_2295.jpg IMG_2296.jpg
IMG_2297.jpg IMG_2298.jpg