Longwood - October 20th 2013

I had an opportunity to borrow a 100mm MACRO this weekend so a run to Longwood was in order to test it out.
They are getting ready for their annual Chrysanthemum Festival starting on the 26th, so much of the new focus is on that.
However, there's always plenty of other things to see. My favorite today, especially with the new lens, was the water lilies - they are still in full bloom and going strong, and beautiful in the AM light.

No real crowd today - for Longwood it was empty. However I did run into maybe 50+ Frenchmen/women - must have been a tour... gave the place a European flare...

So while experimenting with the MACRO was fun, I remain devoted to my 18-135mm zoom. Finding a better version of that will likely be my next experiment.
PS. Notice the Monarch Butterfly that I captured toward the bottom of the page. Today is October 20th. Never try to tell me that there is no Global Warming.

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IMG_0998.jpg Kevin Smith
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