308 Garden May 26th - June 8th 2013

Lots of changes to the garden in just two weeks. All the photos on this page are in date/time order. The bottom 2 rows are from today, 6/8/13. So we've gone from Iris and peonies, then clematis, to roses, to... a breather. Thank God for the Hibis and the blue corn flower.
While the over 6" of rain last night was good for the ground, all the blooms took it on the chin... I did not even bother taking a snap of the oriental poppies.

So my new best friend Dan was helping me trim the garden this morning. Actually I trimmed, and he asked LOTS of questions. After trying to convince me that a weed I had just pulled was a flower, I asked him "Dan, how old are you?". "Six!" he says. Then I asked him "How old do you think I am?", and after some deep thought Dan replied... "Eighty?" and I said, "…Close enough".

I should have learned NOT to ask six year olds questions like these after watching Art Linkletter when I was young... I'm going to look for my walker now.

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