Judy and Milo, May 25th 2013

Every once and a while the big cat comes in and DEMANDS a lap. Typically he is both quite emphatic and very loud during this process. So yesterday before dinner, Judy got "The Treatment" for the very first time. Notice the blanket? With all his claws, this is always a MUST. We'd never seen him in such a funny position, but then, that's a cat for you.
In the end, gravity took over and he fell off onto the floor and walked away, pretending it didn't happen. Of course, we all laughed while he sulked and I forgot to take the picture!

IMG_7500.jpg IMG_7499.jpg IMG_7503.jpg
IMG_7507.jpg IMG_7504.jpg IMG_7509.jpg
IMG_7512.jpg IMG_7511.jpg IMG_7513.jpg
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