Labor Day 2013 - Allaben

Here's a grab bag from the weekend with Kath, Jim and Shell.
Jimmy and I got to re-visit Chichester Falls and experiment with long exposures and I got to do the same at Peck Hollow Falls the next day.
Per usual, the girls and Jimmy hiked while I fished and we kept the Flour Patch in business for lunch the entire weekend!

IMG_9581.jpg IMG_9581BW.jpg IMG_9593.jpg
IMG_9596.jpg IMG_9609.jpg IMG_9597.jpg
IMG_9615.jpg IMG_9616.jpg IMG_9617.jpg
IMG_9659.jpg IMG_9664.jpg IMG_9623.jpg
IMG_9666.jpg IMG_9671BW.jpg IMG_9671.jpg
IMG_9728BW.jpg IMG_9672.jpg IMG_9753.jpg