July 21st - Milo

Milo is getting top 'billing' today in response to this article in the local paper:

The Daily Local News reported that another edition of summer time horticulture is available on http://kevinmunrosmith.com/ The paper further reported that Milo, the popular resident of Price Street was, again, snubbed in getting top billing on the website. The reporter covering the story was quoted as saying that "Milo was superseded by a dragon fly and a frog and even followed lawn furniture". It's unclear how Milo will react but West Chester Borough officials are increasing patrols on Price Street in the event of any violence and to protect public safety.

In a related story, the White House announced that the President has not yet been briefed on the struggles of Milo. The briefing is expected later this evening and its expected the President will issue a statement on Tuesday.

Every once in a while, Milo decides that he NEEDS some lap time. In the winter this predictably happens at cocktail hour. In the summer it's anybody's guess. Today it happened at 9:15a while I attempted to take his photo. Start with the one of him under the table and proceed down from there. Thank God I had the sweat shirt as he still has all his claws...

IMG_8672.jpg IMG_8675.jpg
IMG_8679.jpg IMG_8683.jpg
IMG_8723.jpg IMG_8730.jpgStart here and scroll down...
IMG_8733.jpg IMG_8734.jpgWhat you don't hear is him MEOWING the entire time...
IMG_8735.jpg IMG_8736.jpg
IMG_8737.jpg IMG_8738.jpg
IMG_8739.jpg IMG_8740.jpg
IMG_8746.jpg IMG_8748.jpg
IMG_8761.jpgThis sometimes lasts longer that I'd like it to... IMG_8806.jpgNot sure what this means yet.