Catskill Spring 2013

These are from the weekend of 5/9. After almost 30 years, we finally got Judy to join us! It was fun to show off all of our little spots.

The Catskills is experiencing the same late spring as we are and at 3 weeks behind us, it was tough going there and leaving all the color in southern PA behind. As always it was a bit like going back into winter with all the Bellearye slopes still having snow on them. Fishing was tough. I never found big RBs that usually populate the streams at this time. Maybe they are running late too. Finally got up to the Beaver dam in Big Indian to take these snaps. They have made great progress.

IMG_7299.jpg IMG_7300.jpg IMG_7301.jpg
IMG_7308.jpg IMG_7309.jpg IMG_7310.jpg