T-minus 2 weeks at the 308 Garden - August 24th 2013

But first, 79 seconds of Milo. All of these were taken in just 79 seconds.
Before I die I'd like 10 minutes inside the brain of a cat.
But I'm afraid that I would go someting like this: "Hey you, forget about how your day was, just open the damn can..."

Looks like we might have a few blooms to show off after all...

IMG_9264.jpg IMG_9266.jpg IMG_9267.jpg
IMG_9268.jpg IMG_9269.jpg IMG_9270.jpg
IMG_9271.jpg IMG_9274.jpg IMG_9276.jpg
IMG_9278.jpg IMG_9279.jpg IMG_9280.jpg
IMG_9281.jpg IMG_9282.jpg IMG_9283.jpg
IMG_9284.jpg IMG_9284a9253.jpg IMG_9284B9258.jpg
IMG_9290.jpg IMG_9291.jpg IMG_9292.jpg
IMG_9303.jpg IMG_9306.jpg IMG_9307.jpg
IMG_9310.jpg IMG_9311.jpg IMG_9312.jpg
IMG_9314.jpg IMG_9315.jpg IMG_9317.jpg
IMG_9321.jpg IMG_9322.jpg IMG_9323.jpg
IMG_9327.jpg IMG_9330.jpg IMG_9332.jpg
IMG_9335.jpg IMG_9336.jpg IMG_9338.jpg
IMG_9421.jpg IMG_9422.jpg IMG_9424.jpg
IMG_9428.jpg IMG_9431.jpg IMG_9428.jpg